Abbie Cornish in talks to join Robocop

Robocop placeholder banner

Looks like ROBOCOP won't be all grim visuals and great actors - some beauty could be joining the proceedings as well with Abbie Cornish (LIMITLESS) having been offered the role of Alex Murphy's wife. This would of course provide with her with a fairly meaty acting opportunity since she'll have to dela with both her husband's death and his subsequent resurrection at the hands of Gary Oldman's Norton.

Thankfully Cornish isn't just a (very) pretty face, as she managed to turn in some solid work with SUCKER PUNCH despite the awful script.  Hopefully taking this part will give her the recognition SUCKER PUNCH could have afforded her had it been a better movie.

Look for more casting news as the production start month of September draws closer.

Abbie Cornish in a sheer black dress

Extra Tidbit: I have a feeling that the script by Nick Schenk (GRAN TORINO) is actually pretty damn good. Especially in light of Gary Oldman's participation - he just doesn't strike me as someone who'd sign onto shit at this stage in his life/career.
Source: Deadline



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