Abe, the robot serial killer short film, to become a full length feature

Now this sounds like a cool movie. Imagine a serial killer that cannot be killed and is not even human. That's right: a robot serial killer! Brilliant! MGM has just purchased the rights to make the feature length film version of the short ABE from writer/director Rob McLellan.

The short follows the titular robot as he explains his motivations to his latest victim. Taking place in a single room with the robot doing all the talking, McLellan is able to create a major aura of tension and fear despite the villain being an artificial being. McLellan is also a visual effects artist, which accounts for the quality of the robot in the eight minute film.

There are no other details on the movie version of ABE aside from naming producers Kevin Misher and Steve Tzirlin. I can say that I cannot recall another film released by a studio that shares a plot like this. It is nice to know that there may be some good ideas for movies that have not been done before.

Check out the full short film below and see if you can think of anything else quite like it.

Source: Deadline



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