Adam Sandler returns to the stage in trailer for new special 100% Fresh

Adam Sandler has spent the last 20 years becoming one the biggest stars in comedy, starring in tons of movies that have made a bajillion dollars and left Sander screaming “zabadoo” and babalooloo” all the way to the bank. But as of late he’s been working on the stuff that got him his start in the business – stand-up comedy – and now he’s back with an all-new special that follows him around the country as he performs new material and new songs for his legion of fans. The first trailer for ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH is here to give us a taste of his new stage work, which includes music, funny glasses, his dog and, of course, some gibberish sprinkled here and there.

Sandler’s movie work may not have earned him critical acclaim and maybe even lost him a few fans over the years, but he is an undeniably funny guy, and this special looks to showcase that. Anyone who spent hours listening to his albums – featuring bits like “The Chanukah Song,” “Fatty McGee,” and “At a Medium Pace,” – should tune in if only to hear what kinds of new songs he’s cooked up.

Sandler's Netflix work like THE DO-OVER and THE RIDICULOUS SIX have been some of the more disheartening efforts in recent years, but I'm very curious to see what he delivers here in the very different environment. He's a funny guy, for sure, and hopefully, this is a strong return to comedy form. 

The special is only a week away and hits Netflix on October 23.

Source: Netflix



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