Alexandra Daddario dives in and joins the cast of Baywatch

When the big-screen adaptation of BAYWATCH, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (he'll always be The Rock) and Zac Efron, heads into production, it'll have Alexandra Daddario coming along for the ride. And guess what?

I'll be ready... I'LL BE REAAAADDDYYY!!!

See what I did there? You had to know that was coming.

Anyway, director Seth Gordon went right to his shortlist and snagged the picture one of his top choices with Johnson making the official announcement on his Instagram that he'd be teaming up with his SAN ANDREAS co-star once again.


IT'S OFFICIAL: Want to welcome the talented and gorgeous @alexannadaddario to the cast of #BAYWATCH for the role of "Summer". Alex is a one of kind woman (I know from experience) and can't wait for you guys to see her own the role. The female roles of #BAYWATCH have become extremely hot properties around Hollywood and as promised, the quality women we'll cast are stepping into these roles to have fun and make them iconic for the world to enjoy. The #BaywatchFamily so far consists of a tatted up bald guy named Rock, the cool, yet extremely unattractive @zacefron, the talented and gorgeous Alexandra Daddario...and some big casting announcements coming soon. And juuuuust wait til you guys see who we cast for the iconic role of "CJ Parker"....👀 #CueSlowMotionRunningDownTheBeach #WhosPuttingTanningOilOnMyBack? #OrMyFront #BAYWATCH 👊🏾🌊

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And this makes sense. Anyone who would criticize this simply doesn't understand the concept of BAYWATCH, which was built around beautiful women being featured in bathing suits in a beach environment. Could that show get made today? Probably not. Will the movie have to tweak the concept and most likely make fun of itself in order to work? I'd guess so. But you can't stray too far from the elements that made BAYWATCH a global phenomena or else what the hell is the point to begin with?

Another casting has been promised in the near future with the C.J. Parker role once held by Pamela Anderson supposedly being a big deal. Who's your guess as to who belongs in that role?

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