Angel Has Fallen with Gerard Butler is still happening, set for August 2019

If there’s a president -- or any other high-ranking political figure -- in trouble there’s only one person to call: Liam Neeson. But sometimes he’s busy saving other people, so when that happens, you call Gerard Butler. He’s done a bang-up job keeping the president safe in both OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and LONDON HAS FALLEN, and now he’ll be back for another round of political thrills in ANGEL HAS FALLEN, which has just secured a summer 2019 release.

The third entry in the unexpectedly successful action series will be hitting theaters August 23, 2019, which at this point is an open window. Not much else is debuting around that time, with ANGRY BIRDS 2 set for the week before, and the highly-anticipated IT: CHAPTER TWO coming out two weeks after on September 6, 2019. That means, as of now, the end of August 2019 will be dominated by a Gerard Butler movie. Yes. 

While the first two outings found Butler’s Mike Banning protecting the president (Aaron Eckhart) from terrorist attacks, this third entry pulls a TAKEN 3 and finds Banning on the run after he’s framed for assassinating the president. Eckhart is not back for this outing, with the rest of the cast fleshed out by Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lance Reddick, Nick Nolte, Danny Huston, Piper Perabo and Tim Blake Nelson.

The original movie was a surprise hit, making $98 million domestically and $170 million globally, and though the sequel was less popular in North America it compensated for an improved international cume, totaling $205 million around the world. 

Some time ago Butler made a bold claim by comparing this third outing as being a lot like the 2017 masterpiece LOGAN. He said that while the first two were about cities on fire this new one is more introspective (whatever that means for a series like this), saying, “it was almost like Logan was to Wolverine, is our Angel Has Fallen was to the first two.”

Audiences flocked to the theaters to see the first two to get doses of undemanding, non-stop action, so we will see how well the movie does by taking what sounds like a more low-key approach. The August release leaves room for an action movie to thrive, so unless they decide to go full LOGAN and kill off Banning perhaps the fourth outing is already on the table. 

ANGEL HAS FALLEN hits theaters August 23, 2019. 


Source: THR



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