Ant-Man writers developing Cybertron origin movie titled Transformers One

Last week, we learned of the additions to the TRANSFORMERS writer's room. Now, we are hearing about a new pair of writers along with the potential project they are working on. Deadline reports that Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari, two writers who worked on Marvel's ANT-MAN, have joined Paramount's writer's room to develop TRANSFORMERS ONE.

TRANSFORMERS ONE is the working title for the potential origin movie that would take place on the Autobots and Decepticon's home planet of Cybertron. Like Krypton for Superman, it is the destruction of Cybertron that instigates the franchise. Cybertron was featured in a scene from TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON which you can watch below.

TRANSFORMERS ONE is rumored to be an animated film which would make sense since there would be no human characters in the prequel tale. Barrer and Ferrari are also being brought on to develop a live action TRANSFORMERS feature as well, but it appears that the prequel will be their first project. I wouldn't mind seeing a full length film using the quality of CGI seen in Michael Bay's films but I doubt that would be cost effective for Paramount.

As it stands there are no official release dates for any sequels or spin-offs following TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION but many peg 2017 as when the next film will be released. Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

Source: Deadline



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