Aquaman won't be an origin story and will take place after Justice League

So like it says in the headline, James Wan's upcoming AQUAMAN picture - with star Jason Momoa in the title role - will indeed be set after JUSTICE LEAGUE, and won't be an origin story. For more detail, here's producer Charles Roven talking more about the decision, in an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend:

Aquaman will make reference [to Justice League]. There will be some reference of something that preceded Aquaman that will be in Aquaman. I believe that is the intention...James [Wan] definitely knows where he's going with [Aquaman], and that movie takes place in a world where Justice League happened, and Man of Steel happened, and Wonder Woman obviously takes place before Man of Steel -- except for the bookends we have. So that's where we have the most ability to freeform. We could do a movie that takes place after Justice League, we can do a movie that takes place after Batman v Superman... well not really. You can't do a movie in between Batman v Superman and Justice League, but we can do movies that take place after Justice League and we can do movies that precede Justice League.

While I know many fans bemoan origin stories, I don't really have a problem with them. There's a formula, sure, but it's a formula I like. However, I have to admit, it is cool that with the culture is so inundated with superhero stories that it seems studios are more confident with just letting characters "be" (see also the upcoming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING). And, with Aquaman, it makes more sense than something like WONDER WOMAN (where her origin is so convoluted and contradictory, you have to make sure we know which origin you're referring to), since in a lot of versions he is not even aware of his Atlantian heritage until he is an adult anyway. Also, there's a good chance we get some of his background in JUSTICE LEAGUE anyway.

But what about you Schmoes? You down for this, or would you actually have preferred a more straight forward origin story? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, AQUAMAN will be swimming to theaters December 21st, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite interpretation of Aquaman so far is the gung-ho adventurer version in the animated BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD series.
Source: CinemaBlend



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