Are these potential spoilers for the new Gotham series?

Things are starting to shape up for the new Fox series GOTHAM. They have quite a few actors cast in roles: Ryan Atwood Benjamin McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Zabryna Guevara, and Erin Richards. We know that we will see a young Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and some pivotal baddies as well.

But what if I told you there were some potential spoilers out there about the show’s plot and characters? Io9.com apparently got their hands on a draft of the script. They begin by stating that the script is dated January 31, 2014, and is labeled "Second Network Draft.” They go on to explain that if it isn’t real that it’s not an early draft, and we can’t really judge the details I’m about to share with you. (Bullet points thanks to CBM

So if you want to risk it, then check it out after the photo below. Again, take them with a massive grain of salt for the time being.

-Here's the proto-villains introduced in the pilot: A 14-year-old Catwoman, already cat-burglering and associating with cats; the Riddler, who is working for the GCPD as a coroner and who tries to present all pertinent case information as riddles; the Penguin, a mid-level thug, who as mentioned earlier is repeatedly referred to as looking like a penguin.

-Additionally, Gordon and Bullock enter a run-down apartment where a little girl named Ivy lives with her shitty parents and, according to the script, a lot of houseplants. Could this perhaps be Poison Ivy? Well, in the comics, Poison Ivy's real name is Pamela Isley. Is Gotham giving us a clever feint here? Probably not.

-There's also a comedian telling jokes in gangster Fish Mooney's club, jokes straight out of Reader's Digest circa 1942. Mooney laughs hysterically, and, just in case those feelings were somehow opaque to the audiences, she tells the comedian she likes him. A lot. Repeatedly.

-Major Crimes detective Renee Montoya used to date Gordon's fiancée, because LESBIANS. And for bonus points, Bullock even calls her a dyke. Fun!

-Alfred appears to have a crazy cockney accent, and I swear to god this is real dialogue from the script:

ALFRED: Oi! Master Bruce! Stop playing silly buggers! Get your bloody arse down off there!

-One more line for the road from Gordon's fiancée:

BARBARA (blithely): Jim, you are the cleverest, bravest, goodest man in Gotham.


Source: io9



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