Aronofsky turns Black

When I saw THE FOUNTAIN a few months before it was released in theaters, I was convinced it would be a critical, if not commercial, success. I was wrong. Yet, I know the film still have many supporters. In fact a lot of my colleagues at sites like AICN, Coming Soon and CHUD have called THE FOUNTAIN one of the best films of the year. All that said, I'm glad Aronofsky isn't letting the demise of THE FOUNTAIN keep him down long. The director has signed with Universal to direct the psychological thriller BLACK SWAN. The film is set in the world of ballet and in the brief synopsis given sounds something like THE PRESTIGE about the relationship between two rival dancers. Universal is fast-tracking SWAN in hopes of making it Aronofsky's next project. John McLaughlin will write the script based on a detailed outline he and Aronofsky presented to Universal. Aronofsky had at one point been slated to direct an episode of "Lost" but was forced to drop out as he wrapped post-production on FOUNTAIN.

Source: Variety



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