Avary does time

Roger Avary, writer of some fan favorite movies, RULES OF ATTRACTION (Yes, people like that movie), SILENT HILL, and the one that got him a shared academy award, PULP FICTION has been sentenced to one year in jail for vehicular manslaughter.

As one of our readers so eloquently stated, we are a movie website, not a law website (still cracks me up), so here are the facts.

Avary pleaded guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving back in August of 2008. The writer was driving 100 mph when his car crashed into a telephone pole. The accident killed a passenger and ejected his wife who was treated for non-life threatening injuries. On top of the year in jail, Avary also received 5 years probation.

Wow. If that were anyone else they would have gotten a little bit more than a year in jail and 5 years probation, don't you think? Then again he's gotta live with that shit for the rest of his life. Avary was currently working on an adaptation of the FPS (first person shooter) "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", but it looks like he might have to put that off for now.

Extra Tidbit: Good caption for that photo: 'Who's going to jail? This guy.'
Source: Variety



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