Avatar getting a re-release this summer?

AVATAR didn't clean up at the Oscars like many thought (and some hoped) it would. Really though, when a film makes a trillion dollars, do a few golden statues matter? Nope. And to help ease their pain, Fox and Jim Cameron are planning on re-releasing AVATAR later this year.

Cameron, who was in New York City filming a Black Eyed Peas concert (??), spoke to USA Today and said that the influx of spring 3D movies like ALICE IN WONDERLAND and CLASH OF THE TITANS robbed AVATAR of its precious screens and potentially cut short its financial windfall. So now the current plan is to re-release the movie this summer. But why would audiences care about AVATAR in the summer when there's a new blockbuster hitting theaters every Friday? Well because Cameron has an ace up his sleeve, that's why.

Turns out Cameron will insert some deleted scenes into the movie and use the ole "never before seen footage" trick to get people back in theaters for one more AVATAR screening. But does this diminish returns on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release? Not sure but with the additional 3D ticket costs, that's a risk Fox seems willing to take. So what about you? Would you go see AVATAR in theaters again just to see some extra footage in 3D?

Extra Tidbit: Cameron doesn't have much nice to say about the conversion process used on TITANS in the above article.
Source: USA Today



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