Avatar hearts IMAX

When the man behind the highest grossing movie of all time says that his next film will change the way movies are watched and made, people tend to stand up and listen. To say that the expectations for James Cameron's sci-fi epic AVATAR are huge is a gross understatement. If the film doesn't gross like six trillion it's opening weekend it will be considered a flop. According to The New York Times, IMAX is considering giving AVATAR an 11-week (almost 3 months) run to “satisfy demand” for Cameron’s first feature film since TITANIC. Avatar hits theaters on December 18th 2009, and the next film set to hit the giant screen is Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Of course nothing is set in stone yet, but if AVATAR did indeed run for 11 weeks on an IMAX screen it would mark the longest such run for a major Hollywood film. James Cameron obviously has something the rest of us dont and it's called clout.

Extra Tidbit: THE DARK KNIGHT had a 10-week IMAX run, and was going strong until EAGLE EYE replaced it on September 26th 2008.
Source: NY Times



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