Babylon AD teaser

For some reason, this flick seems to have been flying under the radar somewhat. Which is a shame, because nothing about it sounds bad. Unless you've grown tired of seeing Vin Diesel being a bad ass. Whatever your disposition though, by way of VinDieselVideo, we have a sweet little teaser of sorts. The video - in no way the finished article - features a nice little voice-over by the big guy, followed by a bunch of scenes, Michelle Yeoh, some production footage and some explosions. It's a nice enough little video to get Vin Diesel fans and sci-fi enthusiasts just a little more pumped about the movie, which drops next year.

The film, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, is inspired by the Maurice Dantec novel 'Babylon Babies'. It tells the story of Toorop (Diesel), a mercenary who is charged with delivering a young woman from Russia to Canada. Somewhere along the way, he finds out that she has been manipulated with some freaky virus, which could spell the end of the human race. Intense! Click HERE for the teaser!
Extra Tidbit: It was widely believed Vincent Cassell was going to snag the lead role. That was until God realised that he was already married to Monica Bellucci and as such wasn't deserving of any more luck.



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