Baz Luhrmann considering 3D for The Great Gatsby

Well this day had to come sooner or later, I guess I just thought it would be a little further off. Eventually the 3D format would move beyond CGI kids movies and big budget blockbusters, and someone was going to try and do a straight drama in the format.

And that person just might be Baz Luhrmann, who told THR that "he has workshopped his upcoming project The Great Gatsby in 3D, though he has not made a call about whether to shoot in the format.”

This all stems from a panel between Luhrmann, Michael Mann and Oliver Stone at CES about Blu-ray, where Mann also said he'd like to do a drama in 3D.

But here's the problem, I have a hard time believing that the kind of people who are going to see Baz Luhrmann's GREAT GATSBY in theaters (namely my grandma) are going to way, way less willing to don the glasses and pay an extra $5 for the privilege.

And then there's the awkward marketing campaign, as I can see Carey Mulligan emoting in the rich environment of the period piece, and then at the end..."Baz Lurhmann's THE GREAT GATSBY, in three dimensions..." Much classier than "In 3D!!!"

You know, I wouldn't mind 3D becoming the standard for film, as I believe someday when the tech is good enough it will be, but I think when it becomes the standard, that shouldn't result in a 50% or more ticket price hike automatically which all 3D movies currently demand. I understand it costs more to shoot that way, but not 50% more, that's for damn sure, and the huge cost is a big turnoff only currently rivaled by the visual imperfections of the format.

Extra Tidbit: Once they lose the glasses, that will absolutely change everything.
Source: THR



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