Baz Luhrmann could direct Stanley Kubrick scripted HBO miniseries Napoleon

Remember the unproduced Napoleon script written by Stanley Kubrick that Steven Spielberg picked up? Not only has the miniseries found a home at HBO, it seems that a certain whimsical director is circling the project.

Baz Luhrmann could possibly take the reins on the material. Interesting move. It's still far from any deals though.

This was a passion project for Kubrick who unfortunately could not get any funding to back it. The director even went as far in a letter to studios saying that it would be the "greatest movie ever made". There are no real details on the script only that it is a telling of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Spielberg worked on Kubrick's idea of turning Brian Aldiss' short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" into what eventually became ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Spielberg scripted as well as directed the 2001 film. The director will work with the Kubrick's estate to bring his telling of Napoleon to life.

If Luhrmann gets involved with there be added musical numbers?

Source: Deadline



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