Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill may reteam for Shawn Levy's Aloha

With THE WATCH opening later this week, it looks like Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill are already planning a new movie together.

Shawn Levy is looking to re-team Stiller and Hill in a movie titled ALOHA. No description was given for the film aside from being a comedy that may be written by Nicholas Stoller (GET HIM TO THE GREEK).

I know that many of you out there are Ben Stillered out and maybe have Jonah Hill fatigue, but for me the guys hit more often than they miss, especially when they don't tone down the material for PG-13. The first time the two appeared on screen was NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE FOR THE SMITHSONIAN, which was not so good. THE WATCH looks funnier than I expected it to, so I will hold off on judging ALOHA until then. Of course, if THE WATCH bombs horribly, ALOHA may end up meaning goodbye.

THE WATCH opens this Friday.



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