Blue Man movie in 3D

     Blue Man Group

I honestly don't know what to make of this. The Blue Man Group are absolute geniuses when it come to live performance, but the idea of them making a fiction feature is a little weird. Even weirder is the distribution deal they got.

The group's three original founders signed on to have their live-action comedy BLUE MAN GROUP: MIND BLAST up on both standard theaters and IMAX 3D. That's fine - everybody does it and their act is probably even crazier on that gargantuan screen. But the distributor is National Geographic Entertainment; I might be old school but I still associate National Geographic with Zebras hauling ass to not be shishkebobed by a big friggin cat who sounds like Darth Vader.

Anyhoo, the film is about the three walking Viagras who "enter the brain of a socially and creatively congested person, and their presence helps him bring his inside life outside". Could be something absolutely fantastic, or the biggest misfire since Frank Miller thought he could make a film on his own.

Production begins early next year for a Spring '11 release.

Extra Tidbit: Confession: I've never been in an IMAX theater. There's one about an hour away but I'm just too lazy. Is it really worth it?
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