BossLogic is back with new art that imagines Andy Serkis as The Penguin

Earlier this week, a rumor that the Penguin may be the main villain in Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN was unleashed by Variety's own Justin Kroll. In the past, actors the likes of Josh Gad and Nick Frost have volunteered themselves for the role via social media. This time though, it appears that the digital artist BossLogic has another performer in mind for the part of Gotham's Gentleman of Crime, and it's none other than Andy Serkis.

You can take a look at BossLogic's rendition of Andy Serkis as the Penguin below:

I hope you're paying attention, Warner Bros., because wow! I've been saying for months that Serkis would make for the perfect Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin, and I'll be damned if this art doesn't make the casting look like a finely-feathered idea. Check out the way Logic blends Serkis' signature features with that of the villain's elongated nose, monocle, and battered top hat. I also dig that he included the actor's righteous beard, which is just as mighty as Serkis' array of acting talents.

In recent times, Serkis had expressed that he'd jump at the opportunity to work with Reeves, once again, after collaborating together on the Planet of the Apes trilogy. When you consider how much prosthetic makeup and motion capture would likely be used for the part, the LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS, and Marvel alum sounds as if he'd be the perfect man for the job. For real, think about all of that, and then imagine Serkis laughing as the Penguin. "WAK WAK WAK!" It's all too perfect. Make it happen, Warner Bros.

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