Brett Ratner and Scrubs creator rebooting Rush Hour as a TV series

RUSH HOUR 4 is dead. Long live RUSH HOUR the television hourlong action series!

Brett Ratner, the director who inexplicably keeps getting big budget productions greenlit, has finally found a way to tell a new RUSH HOUR story without Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker. Enlisting SCRUBS and COUGAR TOWN showrunner Bill Lawrence, Ratner will executive produce a small screen version of RUSH HOUR. While it is unknown if this will be a reboot of the same characters or not, you can rest assured that it will team up a Hong Kong cop and an L.A. detective for all sorts of comedic hijinks and gun play mixed with a little kung fu.

There have been rumblings as recently as this year regarding a potential RUSH HOUR 4, but Jackie Chan commands too high of a salary and who the hell knows what Chris Tucker is up to, aside from appearances in movies like SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. Bill Lawrence definitely has some pop culture and comic prowess during his run on SCRUBS, but COUGAR TOWN is painful to watch.

While no network has signed on for the series yet, you can imagine someone will pretty quickly. But, also keep it in perspective that CBS worked with THE SHIELD's Shawn Ryan and Eddie Murphy on a BEVERLY HILLS COP series. That pilot never made it to air but now a fourth feature film is in development. If the RUSH HOUR series does anything, it may kickstart interest in a fourth movie. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Deadline



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