Bridesmaids director Paul Feig in talks to direct Bridget Jones reboot

It was only a matter a time after the blockbuster success of BRIDESMAIDS that Paul Feig was wooed to direct a franchise pic. I was hoping it would be GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (I mean, why not reunite him with Glen Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, with whom he worked with many times on "The Office?") but it turns out instead it will be BRIDGET JONES 3. Or more likely, a BRIDGET JONES reboot.

Feig is in talks to direct a new installment of the BRIDGET JONES series, which may not be as simple as a straightforward sequel. The director told Moviehole last month that the then-unnamed project was "not so much a sequel as a reboot of a popular franchise."

Now it's unclear as to how serious a reboot it will be but it does seem likely that Renee Zellweger will be returning in some capacity. The old logline for the third BRIDGET JONES film revolved around the madcap misadventures behind Bridget finding herself pregnant, but that was some years ago and Feig would likely take the project in a new direction.

But as of this point, while Feig is in talks for the film, no deals have been worked out. Both he, Zellweger and the other principals involved (Colin Firth? Hugh Grant?) have other projects on their plate and scheduling has become something of a problem. That said, they've agreed on some "important matters" regarding the film so it looks like it could be happening eventually.

I love Feig and I love to see him having some success, I'm just far more interested in some of the other projects he's kicking around, especially the Melissa McCarthy/Jon Hamm romantic comedy. With any luck that will come first with BJ3 somewhere further down the line.

Source: Daily Mail



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