Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar to direct Blue Mountain State movie

A little while back, there was a promo video making the rounds online for the college Blue Mountain State.  I wasn't familiar at all with the TV show, so I watched the video thinking, "How clever."  Admittedly it wasn't until about 30 seconds in when I realized it was all a ruse (I am not the smartest man...), but a funny one at that.

Here's the clip in question:

I never got around to watching the show, just clips, but it really looks to be up my alley.  Unfortunately it was cancelled after three seasons, but series producer Eric Falconer vowed to make a film to finish off his story.  Enter Kickstarter.  It notoriously brought VERONICA MARS to the big screen (thank the Gods) and they've already met their goal of 1.5 million, so feel free to rejoice.

In the meantime, they've just announced that Broken Lizard regular Jay Chandrasekhar will be handling the directing duties.  Given the material, I don't think you need Scorsese behind the camera, but I do feel Chandrasekhar, having directed SUPER TROOPERS and BEERFEST, will be an excellent fit.

Here's a brief message, detailing his plans:

Currently no release date is set, but given Broken Lizard's plans to go ahead with SUPER TROOPERS 2, I imagine we can expect filming on BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE: THE MOVIE to begin sometime soon.

Extra Tidbit: Any fans of Blue Mountain State on here? How does the series fare?
Source: Kickstarter



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