Bryan Cranston reads Ozymandias in this teaser for Breaking Bad

Everything must come to an end but what does fate have in store for Walter White? If this teaser is any indication, many of us knew what was coming all along.

This new teaser for the final season of BREAKING BAD shows some familiar imagery while Bryan Cranston reads Percy Bysshe Shelley's Ozymandias. What a fitting tale, and his reading of it is nothing short of chilling. One of my poetry classes in college had us look at this. We didn't do any analysis but rather looked at it as a model for a sonnet. There are many things in this poem that could give us clues to Walter's fate then again, maybe it yields nothing. A proud man on the top of his empire whose remnants of a legacy are only told by strangers because their is no one left to account for him.

But who knows?

There have been a couple of reviews for the first episode but if you are like me then you only want to experience it for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: If you'd like to read the poem yourself head here.
Source: AMC



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