Bryan Singer tweets a picture of some chairs and talks more on X-Men: Days of Future Past

I like Bryan Singer. I really love X-Men. But the more and more I hear about X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the more I start to wonder about how it will all end up. We've got a ton of cast members returning, and some interesting material that the story is based on. The film will go forward in time, then back, then forward. Sounds like a job for Bishop (it is).

Anyway, for those unsure of Singer's abilities due to past indiscretions with the X-Men, the director wanted to let everyone know that:

This movie's gonna be not only quite epic, 'Days of Future Past,' but it also takes place in completely different times than the 'X Men' movies have taken place. There'll be new technology, new things we haven't seen before in 'X-Men' films. Certain characters and certain story and certain drama that hasn't be done yet, so it's not so much sequel. It's more of its own kinda thing.
When the interviewer used the word "reset" in reference to the past installments, Singer responded with a smile and this:

"I'll be able to correct a few things."

Oh, and I thought you guys might like the latest from Singer's Twitter account:

Source: HitFixTwitter



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