Butler escapes NY

A couple of days ago I reported on Brett Ratner detaching himself from the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake, and I specifically remember writing that Gerard Butler is still attached to star. Well folks, that statement is no longer true. Variety is reporting that Butler has left the project due to 'creative differences.' I wonder what those differences could be? How about not wanting to remake a recent classic? I really think that at this point, this remake needs to be squashed. This was a silly idea to begin with, and with Butler leaving, is there anyone else you can see playing Snake Pliskken? Maybe Jonah Hill, but I don't know, even that's stretching it. As of now, New Line has Johnathan Mostow (TERMINATOR 3) in to write, with the option to direct, But I really don't see this project moving forward with its big star attached. We'll see.
Extra Tidbit: Kurt Russell was shocked that a Scot was originally set to play Snake, believing the character was quintessentially American. You can breathe easy, Kurt.
Source: Variety



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