Captain America has his original Avengers suit on in Avengers 4 set photo

We’ve all become quite accustomed to Captain America’s (Chris Evans) bearded, nomad look from the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer. His scruffy look is certainly a far cry from the squeaky-clean image from his other movies. But come the conclusion of the Infinity War storyline Cap will be looking as upstanding as always and will be wearing his classic, spangle-y outfit as he kicks major alien ass.

Several set photos from the AVENGERS 4 set have made their way online and have been circulating social media. In them, we mostly see Cap, clean-shaven once again and donning his original uniform from THE AVENGERS from 2012. There’s also Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd and Mark Ruffalo as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Ant-Man/Scott Lang and Bruce Banner/Hulk in the photos, and either they’re all having a merry ol’ time behind the scenes, or Thanos just tripped and fell on his face.

Take a look below!

There’s a lot of damage and destruction around the gang, so perhaps this could be a massive, maybe even final, set piece in the fourth Avengers movie. Looking at the chaos even reminds one of the Battle of New York in AVENGERS, which means Cap is very appropriately dressed. Why he’s wearing his old duds and not his new gear is a mystery, as he’s wearing his more recent costume in the INFINITY WAR preview. Maybe with all the alien army stuff going on he was feeling a bit nostalgic.

Between Cap's look, the inclusion of some awesome heroes, and getting a look at such carnage there's a ton of gawk over in these set photos. Why is he wearing that old uniform is a big question, Perhaps the one we've been seeing him wear was destroyed, and Tony Stark had this old ditty sitting in a box in the attic. Or maybe he robbed another museum like he did in WINTER SOLIDER to get his very first uniform back. Regardless of the reason, I'm getting quite the wave of nostalgia seeing him in this old costume, and given these movies are all about ending the stories of some of these heroes it's a very befitting costume choice.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR hits theaters May 4.

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