Car Chase: The Movie?

Poor John McTiernan. I mean here's a guy who literally shaped my childhood with such classic action flicks as PREDATOR and DIE HARD. I must have seen both of those films a combined 100 times when I was a kid. He had an amazing visual style (or at least I thought so at the time) and would recreate his scenes in my basement ("You're gone now! No more table!"). But then he went on to such curious fare as THE 13TH WARRIOR, BASIC and most infamously ROLLERBALL. This isn't even getting into his recent criminal trouble. But McTiernan is looking to make a comeback with his bread and butter - the action-thriller. He's set to direct Karl Urban in the low-budget flick RUN, which features a 100-page car chase in its script. Now if you use the old conversion chart that says one script page equals one minute of footage, that's a 100-minute car chase (by comparison, PREDATOR was only 107 minutes). There is a plot but with a 100-page car chase, do you really care? Filming is set to begin on RUN this August.

Extra Tidbit: The 1974 version of GONE IN 60 SECONDS holds the record for longest car chase scene at 40 minutes.
Source: Variety



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