Carnage will be the villain in Venom; Kraven & Mysterio also getting films

Sony has massive plans for its Spider-Man-related universe, as they’ve already announced movies around characters like Venom, Silver Sable and Black Cat. They may also include Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the universe, with rumors also swirling they're planning a sort of all-female Spiderverse. So yeah, there’s a lot going on. But if that all seemed like a lot, we now have word that Sony plans on using even more classic characters in their universe, some sooner than later.

In a large report on the relationship between Sony and Marvel with Spider-Man, THR learned that the characters Carnage, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio will be featured in the new universe, which is set to kick off with VENOM as early as next year. Carnage is reported to be the villain of the film, while "other projects" are being planned around the latter two (Kraven having been rumored before). The report says that Sony plans to roll out their universe more gradually than they tried to years ago with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN franchise, which included a SINISTER SIX movie featuring some of Spidey’s greatest foes.

Not many details were given, but considering Sony hopes to kick-off VENOM production soon we could hear of casting for Carnage in the next few months. The character (human name Cletus Kasady) possess much of the same powers as Venom (human name Eddie Brock), also being a part of a race of extraterrestrial parasites known as Symbiotes. Kasady is a true psychopath in the comics, having killed numerous people even as a child, making him even more menacing than Venom. He’s said to have strength that even outmatches Spider-Man and Venom together (possible team-up?), and is considered one of the Spiderverse’s toughest foes. I think it's the red skin. You know, blood and evil and all that.

Sony seems to have their ducks all in a row when it comes to this new universe their planning, which is refreshing considering how quickly they tried to rush it when Andrew Garfield still wore the spandex. Marvel appears to be a guiding hand in their journey, or at least in inspiration, which is something I can imagine makes comic fans very happy. Kraven and Mysterio are cool characters, but Carnage is one fans have been wanting to see on-screen for some time. It's a big move to roll out on Sony's part, so they better bring their A-game, lest they want to witness true carnage from the fans.


Source: THR



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