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If you can believe it, the SAW franchise is already up to the sixth installment. Earlier this week, AITH was invited up to the Toronto set of SAW IV to hang, do dinner and have some drinks with the cast and crew. While I would take that opportunity to finally put the drunken moves on Shawnee Smith, they actually got down to business and talked to stars Tobin Bell, Betsy Russell and Devon Bostick as well as director Kevin Greutert and producer David Hackl. There's plenty of scoops including talk of Shawnee's character returning, what the SAW video game has to do with the franchise, when we'll see a teaser for the film, how long Tobin sees himself participating in the SAW franchise and much more. Check out a little tease below and then click to head to AITH to read the full report:

I sat down with Jigsaw himself (Tobin Bell) who was absolutely fantastic to talk too. From stories of how Sydney Pollock taught him to take off his jacket with one finger in "The Firm" to how great it was to work with Shawnee Smith again, there was never a dull moment with Tobin as he was just a great guy to be around. I also spoke with director Kevin Greutert about various aspects of the film and he was also a very down-to-earth guy and after the interview, all we could do for 10 minutes straight was talk about the new "Star Trek" and how awesome it was. There was much more so check out what each of them had to say from the party below!

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