Cast This: Batman! (for Batman/Superman movie)

Time to revisit some familiar territory and take another swing at casting Batman!

So yes, we cast this subject not that long ago-- but here's the thing, now we have to evaluate it a bit differently since the next time we see the dark knight he will be alongside Superman.

It was announced at Comic Con after a rather amazing reading from Henry Lennix that a Batman/Superman movie was headed our way. The piece that Lennix was given to read came right out of the pages of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. If you've read that then you know Batman and Superman get into a brutal fight with Batman delivering a rather great internal monologue. Zack Snyder already said that the film would not come directly from that graphic novel but it was rather a clue to what we would see. While we already have a Superman with Henry Cavill, it's important that we figure out who would be the perfect person to go head to head with him.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is already a possibility for the role. There's been word that Tyler Hoechlin from MTV's TEEN WOLF is a current favorite to which I say this:

Maybe that was a tad bit too dramatic of a response especially since I don't know much of the kid. It was also a rumor. Many have expressed an interest for Jon Hamm who I believe is not interested in taking a superhero role. Actually he said that he had "aged out of that" and unless it was the right thing it probably wasn't "his jam". Another name that's been thrown out there is Armie Hammer. I'll let you discuss that one amongst yourselves. We all know who Batman is, and we've seen several different interpretations but what have we yet to see from the character? I'm sure you guys already have someone in mind or have for awhile so get to it and cast away!


1. Thomas Jane 2. Gerard Butler 3. Kevin McKidd

Even though there were several cries to get "someone who is actually Scottish" for the role, Thomas Jane took the number one spot because as schmoe FILMSfromtheFUTURE said "Tom Jane is Christopher Lambert". I think this was the obvious choice and personally my favorite. Jane would nail the shit out of that role. Scotts Gerard Butler and Kevin McKidd filled the other slots. Maybe one of them could play Kurgan instead? A few of you would rather chew glass than watch a remake but we just want to have fun here. Does this not amuse you?! Regardless, thanks for being awesome schmoes and coming up with great casting choices!

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