Cast This: Lex Luthor

You had to know it was coming...time to cast Lex Luthor!

Out of all the "Cast This" columns I've done so far, this has to be the one that I've been anticipating the most. We did one a few years ago, but I think you guys will have better suggestions this time, not to mention the fact that this is potentially for the Superman/Batman movie. I know the talk of inspiration has come from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, but its sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is more Luthor-centric. Are they possibly pulling from that material as well?

Let's talk people who have already played Lex in the flesh (the three major ones): Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Michael Rosenbaum. As much as I love Hackman, be honest with yourselves, his version of the character was over the top and cheesy. I don't think it was a complete fail just didn't fit the bill. Spacey was a nice choice. He certainly understands the character, though I think my biggest complaint was he often felt more comedic. Perhaps that was the writing more than the acting. Then there's Rosenbaum, who I've already said is hands down the best version I've seen so far. He nails the character to a T, and he was playing it much younger. Now at 41, I think that Rosenbaum would be a great pick. But would it confuse fans of SMALLVILLE? Would it disrupt the timeline? Does anyone care?

Aside from Rosenbaum, Spacey is the closest we've gotten to an ideal Lex Luthor, but what do we need in a potential candidate? What does he need to have? Obviously he'd need to look great bald, then there's the charisma, the cold uncaring side, someone very well spoken, and most important, someone we can take seriously. Feel free to add more. What I think filmmakers fail to realize with Lex is that he doesn't care about anything or anyone. He wants everyone to know that he is a gift given from God and that they should know that as the quiver in fear. What's interesting is that unlike the Joker, Luthor is just an ordinary guy, okay he's super intelligent but still ordinary. He's that prick you pass in a suit that would rather spit on a homeless person than give them change.

Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston have both been rumored for this role, and recently Cranston said he'd be down for the opportunity. I think it's your turn to decide. Can you do any better?


1. Karl Urban 2. Jon Hamm 3. Anson Mount

Wow. Let me tell you, no one else stood a chance again Karl Urban. Once the votes started rolling in they didn't stop. I think all three choices have potential. Urban has that dark, brooding thing and I think that his Batman would be more reminiscent of Keaton's version. Next was Jon Hamm who just looks the part to me. That's not all he's got going for him but I just see him and think "Bruce Wayne". Last up is Mount who you all really rallied for. I have yet to see him in HELL ON WHELLS though I recently added it to my Netflix queue after all the glowing reviews. Oh, and of course the idea of bringing back Keaton sounds f*cking awesome but I really doubt that's going to happen.

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