Cast This: Who should direct Terminator 5?

Ready to find another director?

A few days ago, James Cameron shared his thoughts on the direction that TERMINATOR 5 should go in. To make it short, Cameron thinks that the film should be "Arnold-centric", focusing on the T-800.

Upon reading the strike backs, I noticed that several of you were not too keen on a fifth installment. If they can make money on it, they'll try to jump on it. The project had a bumpy start initially with bankruptcy issues, but landed back on its feet when Megan Ellison under her banner, Annapurna Pictures bought the rights. So if things still go according to plan, Arnie will be back.

With Justin Lin out of the question to focus all his energy on the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, who can take on this project? Fellow editor, Paul Shirey suggested Duncan Jones, which I think is a great choice. Another good suggestion was Neill Blomkamp. Just please, no Michael Bay or Shawn Levy, I just couldn't handle that. If you're going to bring back the Terminator, at least try to hit it out of the park.

Go ahead, tell us who you would get to direct TERMINATOR 5.


1. Alfonso Cuarón 2. Joe Wright 3. David Yates

Cuarón had a pretty good lead on the other two chosen directors for the sequel. For those who love the series, Cuarón might be the perfect choice for the material. He is also on the shortlist of directors that Lionsgate wants. After seeing HANNA, I can understand why Wright would be chosen. Not so much for the character direction, but for the action scenes and over all look of the film. That sort of vision could be good for the world of Katniss. In third, we have another director familiar with the HARRY POTTER franchise-- David Yates. He's got the most Potter films under his belt, but is he right for something like this? Eh, why not? UPDATE: Just a few hours ago, it was reported that CONSTANTINE and I AM LEGEND director Francis Lawrence got the gig.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think the plot of the 5th Terminator should focus on? Also, more Guns 'N Roses? Yay or Nay?
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