Charlie Hunnam won't be returning for Pacific Rim 2

Pacific Rim 2 Charlie Hunnam

After the roller coaster ride in which the state of Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM sequel moved from a sure thing to delayed indefinitely and almost everything in between, those of us who have been keeping track of the sequel have become used to setbacks. Barring any further issues, PACIFIC RIM 2 will bring us another round of Jaegers and Kaiju action starring John Boyega and possibly Scott Eastwood, but there's been little to no news about which members of the original cast will be returning, until now.

While speaking with Yahoo Movies, PACIFIC RIM star Charlie Hunnam unfortunately revealed that he would not be returning for the sequel, but that he was very excited about it and glad that it finally got off the ground.

I read an early draft of what they're doing, there was one incarnation of the sequel that involved me heavily but I was unavailable, they have a very definite schedule that they have to film because of the politics and business surrounding film-making. Unfortunately it ended up being something we couldn't remedy because by the time they got their schedule fully realized then I wasn't available.

Just last week PACIFIC RIM director Guillermo del Toro commented on why none of the original cast had been attached to PACIFIC RIM 2, saying that there would be "a lot of the cast from the first film" will be returning but that he has "learned not to declare anything about a movie I’m not directing." Although Hunnam will not be returning, he did say that he thinks that "they're on to something very exciting, it's a significant progression, you don't just rest on your laurels and do what you've already done again, it feels like they're really aspiring to push this thing forward and do something original with the sequel so, it's cool."

PACIFIC RIM 2 is set for a February 23, 2018 release.

Now that Hunnam is out, which members of the first PACIFIC RIM need to return?

Source: Yahoo Movies



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