Check out a raging Al Pacino in the first full trailer for HBO's Phil Spector, directed by David Mamet

PHIL SPECTOR was one of the biggest music producers of the '60's, having worked with greats like The Beatles, The Ramones, and Ike and Tina Turner, producing more than 25 Top 40 hits in that era.  However, his life spun out of control into the '70's and beyond, even as he sporadically continued to produce music.  In 2009, he was convicted of the second-degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Now, writer-director David Mamet (GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS) is tackling the infamous music producer's murder trial with PHIL SPECTOR, a biopic starring Al Pacino as the titular enigma.  Co-starring is Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor as two of his defense attorneys.  Recently, Pacino tackled another controversial real-life figure when he played Dr. Kavorkian (again for HBO) in YOU DON'T KNOW JACK.  He is well-suited for Spector and I have to wonder if this will be a new trend for the actor, taking on one biopic after another. I guess there could be worse things.

Take a look:

It looks like another scene-chewing performance from Pacino with lots of yelling and craziness, which is fitting in this instance as he's not exactly playing the Pope.  The last time Pacino worked from a script by Mamet he was nominated for an Oscar (again, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS). 

PHIL SPECTOR premieres on March 24, 2013 on HBO.

Extra Tidbit: What real-world figure should Pacino portray next?
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