Gaze upon some never seen behind-the-scenes images of La La Land

Not too long ago the musical LA LA LAND with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone took home seven – er – I mean six Academy Awards, and as of this writing has made $439 million on a $30 million budget. So yeah, it was a big fat amazing stupendous mega hit. Next week you can own the mega hit on Blu-ray (or on digital now), and to mark the occasion EW got ahold of some never-before-seen BTS images from the set.

Take a look below!

Did the movie make you happy? Well clearly it made everyone on set just as joyful, as they all seemed to have big ol’ grins on their faces the whole time. Nothing too revealing here, but they’re fun little images you could expect to see in a “Making Of” coffee table book about the movie, which we all know would be required reading.

The films stands as, without a doubt, my favorite of 2016, and though I’m sure there are a few dark souls out there who find it didn’t live up to the hype I can’t imagine there’s anyone who absolutely hates it. There’s so much to fall in love with whether it’s the music, the performances, the dancing, the production design, the direction, etc. It’s so perfectly executed, and will stand as a testament of great modern filmmaking. And can we just talk about how awesome Emma Stone is? I feel we can never talk about that too much.

LA LA LAND arrives on Blu-ray April 25 and is on digital now.

Source: EW



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