Check out the first character featurette from Pixar's Brave

Disney has begun rolling out a series of featurettes for the upcoming Pixar film BRAVE. Each featurette will focus on a different character. The first up is the heroine, Merida, voiced by Kelly MacDonald. Check out the featurette along with some concept art and character descriptions for her and Angus the horse.

MERIDA: Passionate and fiery, Merida is a headstrong teenager of royal upbringing who is struggling to take control of her own destiny. She feels most at home in the outdoors honing her impressive athletic skills as an archer and swordfighter, and racing across the magnificent Highland countryside with her faithful horse, Angus. With a spirit as vibrant as her untamed hair, Merida also has a softness of heart, especially when it comes to her wee triplet brothers. As the daughter of the King and Queen, her life is weighted with responsibilities and expectations, causing her to yearn to preserve her freedom and independence. When Merida blatantly defies an ancient tradition, the consequences of her actions prove disastrous for the kingdom. She must race against time to make right the result of her reckless behavior, her journey compelling her to look inside to discover the meaning of bravery and reveal her true fate.

ANGUS: Black as night with ivory muzzle and fetlocks, Angus is Merida’s powerful Clydesdale and her most trusted confidant. Angus is Merida’s escape from castle life into the deep forest and the highlands beyond. Merida target shoots from her perch on his broad back and is able to coax him into one adventure after another. Angus can be balky, stubborn and faint-hearted at times, but is ultimately a devoted and faithful friend to Merida.

I am very excited to check out BRAVE. It seems to evoke the same tone as HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON but with a slightly darker edge to it. Pixar is not exactly known for being dark, but they also have never had a female protagonist either. This could be a turning point for the studio into varying their style a bit and stretching what they are able to do in the realm of animation.

BRAVE opens June 22nd.

Source: Walt Disney



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