CHiPS starring Dax Shepard and Michael Peña releases a slew of new clips

So I've never seen CHiPS, the famous cop-show starring Erik Estrada that the upcoming comedy is based off of. In fact, if it weren't for growing up with SPACE GHOST: COAST TO COAST and Moltar's love of the show, I probably would've never heard of it.

Written, directed, and starring Dax Shepard, and co-starring Michael Pena in the Estrada role, the new buddy-cop movie seems to be going for comedy (while the original was ostensibly straight-laced), and for a raunchy R-rating (gotta chase that 21 JUMP STREET dragon). Anyway, with the March release date fast approaching, Warner Bros. has released a flurry of new clips. Let's take a look:

Man, this shit looks dire. I didn't laugh once (well, the "Are you sexting with Karen" line in the second clip is kind of chuckle-worthy I guess), but either way this doesn't bode well for the film. It's also weird they bleeped out the "fucks".

I mean, it could still turn out okay of course. Who knows? But with the lackluster trailers, and now these lackluster clips, it doesn't seem likely. Though I'd like to be proven wrong.

Either way, CHiPS will wreck cars on the highway March 24th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: CHiPS stands for "California Highway Patrol".
Source: YouTube



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