Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena fight to survive alien invasion in Extinction

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

In the immortal words of the late and great comedian Bill Hick, "I’ll tell you, too, the thing that’s starting to depress me about UFO’s, is the fact that they cross galaxies, or wherever they come from to visit us, and always end up in places like Fife, Alabama. Maybe these are not super-intelligent beings, man. Maybe they’re like hillbilly aliens. Some intergalactic Joad family or something. “Don’t you all want to land in New York, or L.A.?” “Nah, we just had a long trip, we gonna kick back and whittle some.” Oh, my God, they’re idiots. “We’re gonna enter our mothership in the tractor pull!” My God, we’re being invaded by rednecks. My biggest fear."

Ha ha ha! I'm sorry, but if there's ever an opportunity to quote my favorite comedian of all time, I'm going to take it. 

It's been announced today that actors Lizzy Caplan and Michael Peña will star in the alien invasion sci-fi thriller EXTINCTION for Universal Pictures. Directed by Ben Young, with a script written by Eric Heisserer, Spenser Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane, EXTINCTION tells the story of a man who, after having a series of recurring nightmares about losing his family, must fight for their survival after an alien invasion. There is no word yet as to the details of Caplan's character in the film.

While the film's plot details don't give us much to go on, the charisma of both Lizzy Caplan and Michael Peña should make for a decent time at the movies, I would think. If nothing else, I'll be interested to see both actors appear in a thriller as opposed to the comedy or comc book-related films like MEAN GIRLS, THOR and ANT-MAN that I've seen in the past. At a glance, the plot to this film sounds quite generic, so you'll have to pardon me if I wait until some more details surface before becoming truly invested with this one, if at all.

EXTINCTION is set to invade theaters on January 26, 2018

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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