Christopher McQuarrie confirms his next movie will be Mission: Impossible 5

Goodbye Jack Reacher, hello Ethan Hunt! Christopher McQuarrie took rumors of his involvement as director of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 to confirmation.

When asked on Twitter if he had any news on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 to which he said he was "deciding" to direct it. This would make McQuarrie the first director to have worked with star Tom Cruise prior to a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE film (JACK REACHER and VALKYRIE). He will also be the fifth different director in the franchise which is kind of cool if you think about how each film has been distinctly it's own style. But, following Brad Bird's masterful GHOST PROTOCOL will be a tough order.

Whatever MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 ends up being, this likely spells the end of the JACK REACHER franchise before it really got started. Unless Tom Cruise can find a way to make a sequel to the Lee Child novel adaptation for almost zero money, you can say goodbye to that character on the big screen.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 is slated to open in 2014.

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