Cloverfield manga online

In what I can assure you will be the last CLOVERFIELD post before the movie opens this Friday, I bring you news today of a CLOVERFIELD manga prequel. To help create some buzz for this little movie he's making, JJ Abrams commissioned Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, one of the biggest manga publishers in Japan to create a CLOVERFIELD manga, which has been titled "Kishen." The entire first issue is online and you can check it out by heading here and clicking the blueish button to the top that says "Open." It would presume to tell the tale of what and how the monster came to be, odd since that has been one of the primary compliments of the movie - that it kept the beast's origins a secret. While the manga was drawn by Kadokawa artists, it was written by Bad Roboters like Dave Baronoff (Associate Producer on CLOVERFIELD) and produced by Abrams and producing partner Bryan Burk. For those of you who are sick of all the CLOVERFIELD hype, just remember there's only two short days until the movie (yes, the actual movie!) arrives in theaters. For those of you who can't get enough, get to work on your Japanese translation!

Extra Tidbit: Doesn't the CLOVERFIELD monster need a nickname? Let's come up with something below to call our big buddy.
Source: JoBlo.com



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