Cobra in GI Joe?

Those crafty folk over at LatinoReview posted a script review a while back that told of a blasphemous GI JOE screenplay that was missing the whole Cobra schlock. I don't even know how or why that happeed. Fortunately, the people over at Hasbro seem to have taken notice and have written back, saying:

Thanks for your note. We are working to develop a movie script that delivers a contemporary GI JOE vs. COBRA story, inspired by the comic books. We do not yet have one. Hopefully soon….

Sorry, it's not all that convincing. And even though I loved the old animated GI JOE movie and spent much of a childhood crawling all over the floor hissing 'oncccce a mannn.... once a mannnn!', I absolutely hated the whole Serpentor thing. So I don't have much faith in those dudes bringing Cobra to the big screen. Not that the cartoon made it to the big screen, but you guys know what I mean. Still, in the wake of TRANSFORMERS, I'd like to believe...
Extra Tidbit: In the animated GI JOE flick, 'Cobra-la' was only a provisional title but Hasbro loved it and so kept it in.
Source: LatinoReview



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