Cobra Kai billboard has a working phone number and email address

Are you ready to learn how to strike hard, strike fast, and show no mercy by signing up for your first lesson at Sensai Johnny Lawrence's Cobra Kai dojo? Billy Zabka certainly hopes so, because recently, THE KARATE KID antagonist tweeted a photo of a billboard promoting the newly-established school, and the contact info is legit!

You can check out the billboard via William Zabka's official Twitter account below:

Actually, I'm going to call the number right now ... Holy crane kicks, it actually works! A recording of Zabka's voice crackled in after the first ring, asking me to leave my information after the beep, saying that he'd get back to me about class availability ... if he feels like it. Amazing!

In the new series, a down-and-out Johnny, whose looking to turn his life around by reintroducing the teachings of his old dojo, Cobra Kai, invites the next generation of would-be fighters to learn under his hardened rule. However, that's not exactly sitting well with Daniel, who still carries the values taught to him by his sensei, Mr. Miyagi, into his everyday life.

COBRA KAI will find Xolo Maridueña (PARENTHOOD) as Miguel Diaz, a victim of high school bullies who’s taken under Johnny’s wing; Tanner Buchanan (DESIGNATED SURVIVOR) as Johnny’s son, Robby Keene, who’s determined to prove himself to be nothing like his father; and guest-star Ed Asner as Johnny’s old-school stepfather, Sid Weinberg. The series also stars Courtney Henggeler as Daniel's wife and business partner, Amanda, while Mary Mouser (FREAKISH) enters the story as their spitfire daughter, Samantha.

The show is being written for YouTube Red by Josh Herald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg and will make its debut later this year.

Source: Twitter



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