CON: Where's Chucky?

The San Diego Comic-Con is a complete madhouse, especially the main floor. In a way, it's reminiscent of the classic book series "Where's Waldo?" with a 2-page layout of some of the craziest shit imaginable, with thousands of people doing all sorts of things, and the reader is tasked to do one thing: find Waldo!

Well, we didn't have a Waldo, but we had a Chucky doll from the CHILD'S PLAY series, and slapped with an official ARROW IN THE HEAD sticker, Chucky toured the Con with us and everything that we did. The floor, the parties, the lines, you name it... Chucky was there! You can see him in random places throughout our Con coverage this year if you look hard enough. And now the big question is... Where's Chucky?

He's waiting in line to get into the Convention Center floor.

He's on the floor checking stuff out.

He's levitating above the crowd thanks to Jim Law.

He's lurking in the background of the JoBlo Movie Show.

He's getting Terminated.

He's about to be tortured in this thing-a-ma-jiggy.


He's with Moreno and Mila Kunis.

He's with Moreno and Jason Bateman.

He's being taken hostage by a couple of super heroes.

He's with Moreno and a couple of Victorian ladies of the night.

He's with two really big TWILIGHT fans. These two waited 2 days to get into Hall H for the NEW MOON panel. No joke.

He's getting shit-bombed by Moreno and I. He was reluctant at first...

...but later became the life of the party at Dick's Last Resort.

He's livin' the High Life!

He's with JimmyO thinking about growing himself a beard.

He's buying us rounds of beer at the bar.

He's with the JoBlo.com Crew: Ammon Gilbert, Johnny Moreno, Rusty Eltringham, JimmyO, Jim Law, and Mike Sampson.

He's rollin' hard with Law over a $9 picture of PBR.

He's lovin' Dick's and this little hottie. That Chucky sure knows how to party. NOTE: This picture cost Jim Law $5. And it was totally worth it.
Extra Tidbit: Don Mancini has either written or co-written every single CHILD'S PLAY movie in the series.
Source: JoBlo.com



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