Concept artist reveals early look of Doomsday in Batman V. Superman

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN has its positives and negatives, but the appearance of Doomsday was one aspect that had plenty of fans and audiences going, “So that’s what happens when a sloth impregnates a cave troll from LORD OF THE RINGS.” He didn't have that menacing look with the large, protruding bones from the comics, but concept artist Jerad S.Marantz shared some photos that prove that wasn’t always the case.

Here is one that looks the closest to the original comic:

Here’s one if mixed with the White Walkers on GAME OF THRONES:

And one if Doomsday knocked up The Blob, but they decided to keep the kid anyway and make it work:

The first two designs look pretty cool if I say so myself. He’s got that gnarly, fierce exterior that makes him an absolute terror to behold. You actually think this thing could kill Superman. In the end it looks like they went with something between the first and last design. Maybe to make it look more organic, I guess? Looks more like a newborn baby with severe psoriasis.

Look, BVS has improved over multiple viewings for me, but it’s still not great and the whole Doomsday angle is a reason why. The look just doesn’t work for one, appearing so indistinguishable from other alien-looking beasties from other movies. Plus the inclusion of him just seemed like a cop-out to begin with, so start to finish the concept was a misfire. I mean if they needed someone to fight together they could've just thrown Jesse Eisenberg around like a rag doll.

JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives November 17, sans Doomsday

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