Contest: Win a copy of the book 'What's A Nice Actor Like You Doing In A Movie Like This?'!

Movie fans, if you're looking for the ultimate reference guide that details every wince-inducing moment from some of Hollywood's biggest actors' most absolutely embarrassing films, then this incredibly fun tome was specially made for you!

The book is called What's A Nice Actor Like You Doing In A Movie Like This? from British author, cinephile, and all-around sexy individual Dan Whitehead. Dan's been a close acquaintance for years and someone who helped me a bit during my earliest years as a film writer and journalist. Now, he's released this book, one that gives us the low-down dirty deets on damn well practically everyone of note in the biz; from leathery tough-guy Clint Eastwood's appearance as a lab technician in 1955's REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (the sequel to THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), to hulking thespian/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger's legendarily terrible 1969 film HERCULES IN NEW YORK.

Today, as a special treat for all you lovely Schmoes, we've been sent a handful of copies of the book to pass along to you. As usual, all you need to do is enter your name and e-mail address below and we'll pick five lucky winners at random to take home the prize. Pretty easy, huh? Best of luck to all and make sure to check back after April 8th to see if you're a winner!

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