Cool Videos: A couple breaks up while speaking only in movie titles

What is in a movie title? Good ones can get right to the point and describe the film while others are ornate and poetic and have to do with the thematic nature of the film. Others are just funny. With hundreds of uniquely titled movies released every year, there are plenty of names to choose from. Comedy troupe POYKPAC Comedy decided to take those titles and write a script with them.

That's right. This video contains just over 150 unique movie titles organized into a fully understandable script for a short film. In the short, a couple breaks up due to the dalliances of the husband. The results are funny and you even get to see which movie they are naming thanks to the poster being displayed between the two characters as the video plays. What is especially impressive is that most of these are recognizable films and they didn't have to find obcure titles to make it work.

Check it out below and also be sure to watch the other videos from the comedy team, they are all pretty damn funny.

Source: YouTube



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