Cool Videos: A group of guys are forever changed after seeing Spring Breakers

So, I was supposed to go see SPRING BREAKERS yesterday, but mother nature and all her bitchy ways kept me indoors while a snowstorm blew away all hopes of leaving the house.  But, I will not be deterred!  I will see James Franco acting all gangsta with hot former Disney chicks in bikinis with guns, directed by the guy who wrote KIDS! I need to see this debauchery. 

However, I'm hopeful that my experience doesn't unfold like the guys in this Funny or Die video, who take some very dark turns in recreating the SPRING BREAKERS experience after seeing the film. It's a well shot and funny video and even features a B-list guest star.  Having not seen the film, I am going to take a stab that a lot of the events unfolding here are meant to mirror those in the film to an extent.  It's still pretty funny either way and makes ample use of the Skrillix soundtrack. 

Spring Break y'all:

SPRING BREAKERS is currently in theaters.

Also, this...

Extra Tidbit: How many times have you seen the same movie in a single day at the theaters? I don't think I've ever surpassed twice.
Source: Funny or Die



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