Cool Videos: Check out Ryan Gosling's Acting Range where he can play all sorts of New Yorkers

Before we get to far into this, I like Ryan Gosling. I think the guy is talented. Even in movies like CRAZY STUPID LOVE, the guy comes across as likeable. Now, I know there are haters out there who think the movie DRIVE was bad, but I loved it. However, with every new trailer featuring Gosling, I feel like he is channeling that same exact character over and over again. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES looks really good, but it feels like DRIVE on a motorcycle.

This new video from Funny or Die perfectly captures that feeling I couldn't quite put my finger on regarding Ryan Gosling. I think he is still very talented (see THE BELIEVER or HALF NELSON) but has gotten himself stuck in a loop where he has to play the brooding anti-hero.

The only thing that would have made this video better would have been if Gosling had been up to mock himself. The guy playing him bears no resemblance to the actor, but I found myself laughing any way. Check it out.

Source: Funny or Die



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