Cool Videos: Creating the tsunami in Hereafter

I was not much of a fan of HEREAFTER as a movie. To me, it represents the worst of Eastwood who, frankly, gets cut a lot of slack by the Hollywood community. I mean his last really good movie was, what?, A PERFECT WORLD (maybe I'll include MYSTIC RIVER in there if I'm being generous)? And with that, HEREAFTER was able to snag an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects though I think we can all agree that what Edgar Wright and his crew were able to achieve on SCOTT PILGRIM far surpasses what Eastwood put into HEREAFTER.

All this said, I'm always interested at how big special effects scenes are created and while I didn't feel the big tsunami sequence in HEREAFTER deserved a nomination over a film full of FX like SCOTT PILGRIM, I'm still fascinated by how it was put together. To help promote their nomination, we have a look at exactly how that scene and other aspects of HEREAFTER were created with visual effects. Check it out below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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