Cool Videos: Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad

Last night's episode of BREAKING BAD was possibly the most intense yet. Everything is finally at a boiling point and the water is already pouring over the pan. We're all left wondering: what's next? I'm one of those fans that is looking at forums on the internet reading other theories, trying to piece together my own, and desperately searching for answers. I've never been one to just ride the wave of a show. This is the same thing that happened to me when I was watching LOST.

That said, I can't image how many times the creators and cast get asked how the show is going to end. Dean Norris (Hank) decided to hilariously come up with his own ending to the show. I think that this is exactly what Hank would would imagine prior to that match with the Cousins. That was when Hank was still "Schraderbrau happy".

Check out how it all ends according to Hank below.

Dean Norris, Dan Klein, Jack & Justin, Katy Walker, Betsy Koch, Funny Or Die, and Rebecca Zamolo">Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad from Dean Norris

Source: Funny or Die



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