Cool Videos: Geena Davis shows off her archery skills and claims to be the inspiration for Brave and The Hunger Games

Just last night I was watching THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT and thinking back to how badass Geena Davis was in that movie. Today, I was sent this video of the actress showcasing her archery skills for the good people at Funny or Die. While archery may seem a random subject for the video, Geena Davis is in fact a skilled archer and placed 24th out of 300 trying out for the U.S. Team at the 2000 Olympics. While she didn't make the team, don't doubt her talent with a bow and arrow.

The video features Davis recalling some of her most memorable roles including A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, BEETLEJUICE, THELMA & LOUISE, and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. I love it when celebrities make fun of themselves and Davis is no exception. Plus, she still looks damn good at almost 60.

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Source: Funny or Die



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